Akita Dogs

Akita dogs are big dogs that need plenty of training to turn them into them a good friendly house dog. Having an Akita dog is not like owning any other dog. This is a huge assertive dog that by nature is domineering and will look to take authority of a group or family. If you are thinking about owning an Akita dog then you really need to do your homework before taking the plunge. The dog can be very challenging and is not for everyone

Akita dogs are by nature dog aggressive and require thorough socialization when they are young to get them familiar to other dogs. Even a well-trained Akita has to be carefully watched when in the company of other dogs, especially male dogs. The dog is not a natural mixer and doesn’t like strangers.

The Akita has lots of great qualities like unquestionable loyalty to its family; it’s this deeply innate loyalty that can lead to the Akita dog to become hostile when near other dogs. It may mistake playfulness by other dogs, as a threat and attack in what it believes is a defence of its pack. You need to counter this tendency by coaching the Akita from a puppy that not everyone is a threat.

It’s also very territorial and does not mix well. If you introduce an Akita dog to your home it will soon try to demonstrate its position as pack leader. A huge part of coaching the dog is to make certain that it acknowledges you and other family members are above it in the pack hierarchy.

It’s important that you do this, if you don’t, then the Akita will take command and if that occurs your ownership of the dog will not be agreeable. Don’t even consider taking on an Akita dog without having a good training plan in place.

It will require a lot of your time in the early days to train it to its new home. Lots of people take on Akita dogs and fail with them because they don’t understand what having an Akita involves. You need to do some serious research about this dog before committing yourself to getting one.

A properly trained Akita is a wonderful companion for life, they’re loyal, funny and once trained pretty easy to look after. They’re not the kind of dogs you can take onto a general space however and just let free. Even a trained Akita requires watching when around other dogs and strange people.

Akita dogs make superior guard dogs and family pets when they are well socialized, I can’t emphasise the well trained advice enough. If you’re thinking of getting an Akita then look for an training school to take it to while it is young. The sooner it becomes socialized with other dogs the better. Training is the key to successful ownership of Akita dogs

Once trained though you’d be hard-pressed to find a dog that will give you total loyalty and become a protector and friend for life. The dogs are very loyal to their pack and will not allow any member to be threatened. Despite its domineering nature a well-trained akita is a wonderful dog to have.

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