Animal Behavior College Offers 6 Pet-Safety Tips to Keep Them Protected and Content on Labor Day

Animal Behavior College

The dog days of summer are coming to an end, marking the arrival of the last official summer holiday, Labor Day. Celebrations often include barbeques, picnics and an assortment of other outdoor activities. As with many other holiday commemorations, Animal Behavior College (ABC) reminds pet owners to take precautions to ensure they keep their pets safe and secure on this special day.

ABC recommends the following 6 Pet-Safety Labor Day tips:

Keep Them Hydrated. Hot weather can overheat your pet, increasing the chances of dehydration. The symptoms of dehydration include increased heart and respiratory rates, loss of appetite, dry mouth, sunken eyes and listlessness. Ensure your pet has easy access to plenty of fresh water, and if the weather is unbearably hot, move him to a cool air-conditioned room.

Watch Them Around Children. Children are naturally curious about animals and enjoy playing and petting them. However, some dogs and cats do not interact well with kids. Dogs can become anxious, stressed and exhibit verbal behaviors and aggressive actions such as growling and biting. Cats can scratch and bite. To avoid potential problems and signs of trouble, keep cats indoors and away from the fray. Closely monitor all interactions between your pet and children. If your dog ignores commands and becomes combative, move him to a secure area or crate.

Set Ground Rules for Guests. Labor Day food staples such as hot dogs, barbeque ribs, spicy foods and alcoholic beverages are hazardous to your pets health. Alcohol is toxic to dogs and cats. Dogs can develop inflammation of a digestive gland and other painful and serious conditions. Ask guests not to feed table food or snacks to your pets. Instruct them not to leave unattended alcoholic beverages within their reach.

Watch Your Dog Around Water and Avoid Too Much Sun. Not all dogs can swim, so do not force your dog into the water. Supervise him around pools and large bodies of water. Additionally, dogs and cats can get sunburn especially if they have short hair, pale skin and thin coats. Sunburn increases their risk for developing skin cancer. If it is not possible to you are your pet out of the sun, be sure to apply sunscreen that is made especially for pets.

Hire a Pet Sitter. With an abundance of activities and guests to tend, hiring a pet sitter is an option. They provide personalized care, giving owners an opportunity to enjoy a worry-free celebration.

Lastly, Keep Your Pet Calm. Guests and celebration activities can overexcite your pets. Be patient with them. If possible, safely secure them in a quiet, relaxing place and be sure to check on them often.

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About Animal Behavior College Animal Behavior College is the premier international vocational school specializing in certified animal career training programs. ABC has created a powerful team of skilled advocates who are devoted to nurturing the human-animal bond The founders of ABC have spent years developing and perfecting affordable career programs, many of which combine home learning with hands-on training externships with professional mentors. To date, more than 28,000 students have enrolled in ABC programs including over 1,900 in ABC’s cat training program.

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