Canine Tutors Dog Training of San Luis Obispo, CA Launches New Website

Ashley Starling – Owner

In an effort to better serve his current clients and dog owners throughout San Luis Obispo County and beyond, Ashley Starling, owner of Canine Tutors, a local dog training company, is pleased to announce the launch of his new company website. The new site,, is more responsive to the latest advances in technology and therefore allows visitors to peruse dog obedience training videos and additional information on their Smartphones, iPhones, tablets and more.

It was time to update my site to allow more dog owners the ability to view information and videos wherever they may be on the go, while traveling instead of only through their laptop or desktop computer, said Starling. The new site allows me to add more training information and, most importantly, allows dog owners access to a wide variety of important topics that are pertinent to their particular needs.

Cleaner, less cluttered, more information, 100+ videos, and easier to navigate these are the advantages that Starling points to when discussing Canine Tutors Dog Trainings new website. Having the ability to share his dog training techniques in a simple, easy-to-follow fashion is key to his success, according to Starling. Its the way he teaches clients in person and now, with even more videos available on his site, a way to connect with dog owners who want to know more about his methods.

When a client puts my techniques into practice, they see immediate results, said Starling. For those who may be curious about what I have to offer, the website is a way to get a lot of valuable information. I can almost guarantee that they will want to know more and thats when it is time to give me a call and set up an appointment for some one-on-one training.

And when that time comes, Starling offers a free evaluation and consultation to dog owners throughout San Luis Obispo County to help them decide if Canine Tutors Dog Training is the right choice before deciding to enroll in classes.

It has always been my belief that people appreciate true knowledge when they see it, said Starling, and that is what they will see when they view the videos on the Canine Tutors Dog Training website. I dont hold anything back what you see online is what really happens when I introduce my methods of dog training. I also offer the first training lesson at no cost that is an added bonus.

The website will be updated frequently with new dog obedience training videos and tips, according to Starling. In doing so, Starling says he wants to show dog owners just how easy it is to get results.

The way I train, and this comes through in my videos, in non-punitive, said Starling. I keep the dog happy and I get results that work in real world settings. I love what I do and I love sharing my knowledge with others. Every dog has the ability to be a well-trained family dog and I can make that happen.

Check out the new Canine Tutors Dog Training website at for more information on private training, upcoming seminars and how to arrange for a free first lesson of dog training. Contact owner and dog trainer Ashley Starling at (805) 400-8309 or through the websites online contact form at

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