Dog House Training – Tips and Techniques For House Training Your Dog

All dog owners know that dogs need to be trained in the house. Although the process can be lengthy, think of it as potty training for a young child. We all had to learn to use the toilet properly and your dog can learn too, as long as you never scold him.

Dog house training requires the owner to be extremely attentive and work hard. This is why it is one of the toughest types of training you’ll ever give your dog. While some dogs may bark when they need to go, you may not be lucky enough to have such a dog. Always learn to read your dog’s body language and be prepared to clean up accidents in the house.

The most important downside to dog training is how time consuming it is for the owner. On the other hand, house training dogs is quite easy as long as you follow a few simple steps. Let’s get started. You should start by putting down newspaper by the door. If you ever find your dog doing it in the house, immediately take him to the newspaper to finish his business. This will help your dog learn to do it on the newspaper the next time he needs to go, hopefully without your help.

Watch out for your dog’s body language. Most dogs that need to go will get restless and start sniffing around. This is when you should take your dog outside. For young puppies, it is recommended that you take your dog out once per hour. Once you’re out with the dog, start using the command that you want to use for training (e.g., “do your business”). After the dog completes his business, the dog owner must reward him by giving him affection or treats. Remember to wait until your dog is done or it could otherwise get messy! Such positive reinforcement will help your dog realize that he must do his business outside and he will soon ask you to take him out when he needs to go. Don’t forget to clean up after your dog!

More training techniques and routines on how to house train your dog can be found in hundreds of books available from the library, online stores or your local bookstores. You should always keep in mind that dogs must be taught to go outside, as it is not innate knowledge to them. Be ready to clean up accidents in your home and teach your dog to do his business outside. House training older dogs can also be done by using the same method.

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