Dog Obedience Training in Your Home

Everyone loves to have a dog at home. But has your dog been through obedience training? Do you cringe when your dog jumps all over your house guests or when you neighbor knocks on your door to complain about something your dog just did? Don’t worry, dog training can be fast, easy and efficient.

No longer do you have to endure weeks and weeks of classes to train your dog. Who wants to sit with a big group of dogs, spending your time keeping the peace between your dog and your classmates’ pets? Forget about embarrassing and expensive sessions with a private trainer, where afterwards you feel like you have gotten nowhere with your dog. Now it is simple and easy to train your dog in your home.

How To Train A Dog, Simply

To train a dog does not have to be difficult. There are a couple of basic things that can help you train your dog at home.

Start with the basics when a dog is a puppy. Good behavior is something dogs can learn at a young age, making obedience training when they get older much easier.
Rewards and praise are the best way to have a more obedient dog. Offer treats when your dog does something he or she is supposed to do.
Don’t always reach for food as a reward. This can lead to an unhealthy diet in your dog. You can also reward a good dog with attention, praise, and toys.
Repeat what you want the dog to do until he or she does it. This is a basic dog training technique that again reinforces behavior.
Do something every day to obedience train the dog. It does not have to take a long amount of time, in fact shorter sessions are better.
Don’t expect too much, too fast. It takes work and consistency to train a dog properly.
You are the best person to train your dog. Obedience training is about building a relationship between a dog and its’ owner.
Obedience training does not have to be all work, it can also be fun for you and your pet! It is an opportunity to build a relationship with your dog that will last throughout the dog’s life. And you will reap the benefits of having a well behaved pet.
Why Obedience Training Is Important

Obedience training is an important part of being a responsible dog owner. Without training, your dog will find it hard to enjoy other animals, enjoy your family or enjoy other people. Other people will be constantly complaining to you about your dog’s behavior, leaving you embarrassed and spending even less time with your dog. And even worse, you will be constantly yelling at your dog, making the dog further confused about how to behave. Your dog needs guidance and you, as an owner, can train a dog, easily. Take charge of your situation with your dog. Your dog must respect you as the dominant personality. Asserting yourself will lead to a healthy relationship between you and your pet.

There are good resources online to help you train your dog. Websites can offer tips and tricks to help with obedience training that is easy, effective and helpful to both you and your dog. You can find whole dog training courses dedicated to helping you and your dog build a better relationship between one another.

The key to obedience training is consistency. By giving your dog a consistent environment, where she or he understands the rules of behavior, you can have an obedient dog in no time at all.

Learn How to Train A Dog in Your Home.

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