Dog Training Methods . . .Does Right & Wrong Exist?

If you have thoughts about some wonderful breed of the dog with intelligent, warm, comical, loving character then you probably should be thinking about the basset hound. They are suitable for your family and they can manage themselves with the family member especially with the children. They are eager to please their owner and are capable enough to learn any type of tricks and command but they are little stubborn so it could be somehow a challenging while training a basset hound. Training a basset hound is quite difficult task to do as they deny respecting their owner and they do whatever their hound leads them to do.

1. During the training sessions, some point should be noted in the case of the basset hound. They have acquired a unique structure of the bone. They have more number of bones and are usually long. Because of this reason, it is better to keep some of the activities minimum especially during their childhood.

2. Consistency is the most important factor that determines the quality of the training. If it is well maintained while training the basset hound, they along with the owner can enjoy the time. Plus there must be some sort of fun during the training period so that you and your will not be bored.

3. You must be giving the reward to the dogs. Often the basset hound responds to the form of reward. They have strong will to complete the task as the reward is given. But you should not show them reward before completion of the task. Treat system will make the hound eager to complete the task.

4. They are very much poor in the obedience training. You have to keep in mind that they are the attracted to any scent as they follow their nose. They are the dog having low desire to please their master and they may rather love you death than respect you. So you can take the help of some experience trainer for this.

5. There must be certain limitation in the time. These hounds become bored very soon and very easily. It will be good if the training session last for a short while than the long one.

6. Train your basset hound where to do their business at. So for the house training, persistence, and patience are the key for the successful result from the basset hounds.

7. Finally, training a basset hound can give you the well trained, well behaved, and more enjoyable companion one wish for.

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