Ensuring your Pets Safety with Modern Dog Tracking Devices

A dog can truly be a man’s best friend and is considered as a family member in many households worldwide, therefore, when a beloved pet becomes lost it is a devastating experience for the entire family. Fortunately, with the latest in innovative technology made available today dog tracking devices are easily obtained at affordable prices that can prevent the permanent loss of your pet. In the past, methods of finding a lost pet included the distribution of flyers, hanging up posters, and microchips implanted by a veterinarian. Today, a less intrusive and much faster method of finding your dog is with tracking GPS devices specifically designed for pets with the ability to prevent them from being lost or located quickly should they disappear.

How GPS Dog Tracking Devices Work

Initially, dog tracking devices were developed in order to assist hunters in locating their hunting dogs during and after a hunt. The tracking GPS devices designed for dogs work in a manner very similar to the GPS systems utilized in vehicles. The tracking kit utilizes the assistance of the global positioning system (GPS) and typically consists of a transmitting collar for the dog and a receiver which is a hand held unit that receives the signals transmitted from the collar. However, there are also dog tracking systems that do not utilize a hand held receiver and are designed to be used with a personal computer and the user must log on to view the location of their dog and some systems that require the owner to call a service center that will assist them in locating their pet.

Utilizing Dog Tracking GPS Devices

Many hunters now use GPS tracking devices to assist them while on a hunt with their dog as it allows them to determine their location when they cannot hear or see their dog such as in areas that are covered by tall grass, thick underbrush, or dense woods. With the latest in innovative technology many of these devices are now designed to not only determine the exact location of the hunting dog, but also the path that he has traveled and whether he is sitting, pointing, or “treeing” quarry.  Many of these advanced systems are also programmable and can be set to sound an alarm when the dog is performing a certain action such as when going on point.  Some of these systems also have the capability of tracking multiple dogs for several miles.

Statistics show that over eighty percent of dogs that go missing are never found, therefore, while tracking GPS systems have become very beneficial to hunters, they are now being utilized by many pet owners for ensuring the safety and well being of their animals. The latest in programmable features allows owners to set the device to sound an alarm if the dog leaves a certain designated area allowing them to quickly locate and retrieve their dog.  When browsing the selection of tracking GPS devices for your dog it is important to select one that is capable of covering the full range of area you desire and is able to withstand the elements such as rain and extreme heat or cold. As you can see, dog tracking devices are an excellent way to ensure your pets safety by reducing the risk of having your dog stolen, injured, or permanently lost.

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