Freddie – Cocker Spaniel Puppy – 12 Day Residential Dog Training / Dog Boot Camp

1. Your dog and diets

Dogs are just like with humans, they are what they eat. If you are feeding your dog junk food, then don’t be surprised when he becomes listless and overweight and unhealthy. We can choose whatever we want to eat, but lucky for dogs, they are forced to eat what we give them. Sure they would love to have pizzas and cheeseburgers every night, but healthy, natural dog foods are a much better option. We can make those choices for our dogs and if you choose to switch your dog to a healthy, premium brand you and you dog will be happier for it.

2. Regular dog grooming helps your dog out a lot

Grooming is essential to your dog’s health for two reasons. First, it ensures that your dog’s skin, teeth, and paws are in good shape. Secondly, it keeps you up to speed on your dog’s overall physical condition. Brush your dog’s coat with a gentle, yet firm dog brush. Is her coat smooth and silky, rough yet resilient, or is it splotchy and inconsistent? Monitor your dog’s coat over time and you will notice subtle changes from season to season.

Dogs need proper teeth cleanings, just like humans. To maintain your dog’s dental health, we recommend using dog dental wipes and having your vet take a look at her teeth from time to time. Time for a serious cleaning? Your vet will have recommendations on that. Finally, make sure that you inspect your dog’s paws on a regular basis. Are her paws clear of foreign objects, splinters, etc? It’s amazing the stuff that a dog can pick up playing in the woods.

3. Your dog and the heat are not natural friends. A dogs characteristic cooling is through his respiratory system and that can be affected by the humidity index as well as the temperature. If the temperature is 90 degrees and the humidity is at 70% the actual heat index is 105 degrees – the temperature at which heat stroke is possible.

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