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Dog training videos and DVDs are becoming a favourite, easy way of learning how to train your dog.  Dog training classes and private dog trainers are pricey, so more people are now finding it less demanding to download dog training videos which they can watch at their own tempo and in the comfort of their own home, on the move on their laptop or listen to dog training books that are on audio.

In an ideal world where cash and time are not an issue my first option for training my dog would be a series of classes with a well-known  professional dog trainer but like many people I simply cannot stretch to afford this.  We all want the best training for our dogs though and there are many other excellent solutions available.

Cesar Millan is a household name now and you can buy his dog training DVD course for just over $ 130 which is quite affordable but there are further costs, such as the Illusion collar you need to buy for your dog to follow Cesar’s dog training video course.  The collar is around $ 40.  A great option though.

Dog training DVD courses have been proven to work better than just reading a book as you can actually watch the dog trainer in action, hearing how the voice is used to give commands and secondly seeing the body language which should be used.  Your dog watches you constantly and hears you second.

It was these advantages to dog training videos that prompted me to find out more information online with a view to finding a good dog training DVD course by a professional dog trainer.  I was quite surprised that most reviews online were for mainly ebooks with maybe just a short video included and most reviews I came across were written by people who had clearly never been near a dog and neither were the dog training videos or books written by a proper dog trainer!

I finally found a dog training DVD course through going into dog forums where I was given a personal recommendation from someone who had been using a dog training DVD course by a well-known professional dog trainer for 6 months and she had rescued her dog who sadly had been abused and needed to regain trust with people, which he did with the help of the training and of course, love and care.

Some research online about the dog trainer himself was very positive so I downloaded this Dog training DVD course – written by a long standing British professional dog trainer.  There are 21 dog training videos, and over five hours of an audio book which is also supplied as an ebook to print and download.  I also receive a newsletter regularly (plus all the previous newsletters) and can contact the trainer personally should I ever need.  The videos are of the professional dog trainer with real dogs and the method of training does not involve harming your dog or require any special, pricey equipment.

I was happy with the price of $ 59 for this complete dog training DVD course which covers everything from preparing to bring your pup home, house training and ongoing training covering each stage of your dog’s life.  Common dog obedience problems are also addressed in depth.  These simple dog training videos helped me sort out my jealous little westie’s naughtiness!

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