Fresh Patch Company Offers All-Wood Sleeves for Disposable Real-Grass Dog Potties

On August 1st, 2014, the Fresh Patch Company will offer all-wood, optional outer sleeves, which are designed to hold its 16×24 inch real-grass, fully disposable dog potty units. The reusable sleeves are intended to ward off the chewing behavior of some high-energy puppies and dogs.

According to a Company spokesperson, Fresh Patch disposable, real-grass dog potties–which are intended for dogs up to 25 pounds–are made from very sturdy material. However, we know that some dogs, and especially puppies, like to chew everything in sight. Many of our clients need our disposable dog potties for house-training young dogs, and we want to offer them a product that is virtually puppy-proof.

The Company says it has received very positive feedback from customers about the hydroponic grass it sells. The grass is light-weight, dirt-free, highly absorbent, and its scent naturally attracts dogs. The only suggestion some customers have made is that we should find a way to reinforce the sides of our disposable potty units for chew-loving pups. We decided to act on that feedback, and we developed the new protective sleeves for those customers who want them.

In addition to its 16×24 inch disposable, real-grass potty unit and optional sleeve for small-to-medium size dogs, the Fresh Patch Company is now offering products for larger dogs. The Company recently announced that, starting June 1, it will sell 2×4 foot hydroponic grass pads for dogs over 25 pounds. A stainless-steel tray designed specifically to hold these larger grass pads is also available separately, as an optional purchase. Alternatively, dog owners may decide to use the grass with or without their own containers.

With nation-wide shipping capabilities via Fedex, the Fresh Patch Companys website ( offers a continuous delivery service for both its 16×24 inch real-grass disposable dog potty units and its new 2×4 foot real-grass pads. Both products feature hydroponic grass. The Companys products are also available on

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