German Shepherd Dog: Facts You Must Know Before Adoptin

Breed Description

The German Shepherd, also referred as an Alsatian, is a large dog that originated in Germany. As a herding breed, this working dog was originally developed to herd sheep. This large dog generally weighs between 49-88 pounds, and stands 22-26 inches at the withers.


A double-coated breed, the German Shepherd has a medium length fur. Their topcoat is dense, straight, harsh, and lies close to the body, while their inner coat is normally gray, and is not seen through the outer coat. This breed is known to shed a great deal, and requires extra care during these times. The color of their color varies. Most colors are acceptable, preferably rich and strong colors. Commonly seen are black and tan, gold with black discoloration, and sable.


German Shepherds require regular opportunities to spend their pent up energy and do stimulating things. Otherwise, they will become destructive, and show behavioral problems. A working dog, they are happiest when given tasks to accomplish. They need vigorous exercise, including securely leashed long walks, play sessions, and a large securely fenced yard to roam and run freely in.


The German Shepherd is very active breed. They are marked by their willingness to have a purpose and eagerness to learn. They are naturally loyal, and bonds closely with people they live with. But, they can be overly protective of their territory and family, particularly if not properly socialized. With a generally aloof personality, they are approachable, however, not inclined to be immediately befriend a stranger. A highly intelligent and very obedient breed, some people consider giving a firm training, but according to research, they respond well to reward-based training methods.


The German Shepherd is highly prized for their versatility as a companion. In fact, they are the first dog used as guides for the blind. As they are working breed, they are well-known for their high dedication to work, making them among of the popular breeds.


The German Shepherd is known to shed constantly and seasonally sheds heavily. Brushing daily is imperative to keep hairs around your home. Bathing should only be done when absolutely necessary, as too much may cause skin irritation that results from stripping the natural oils off their skin.


The German Shepherd is among of the most intelligent breeds, and therefore known to be easy to train. As with other breed, training must begin at the earliest, and with consistency and patience. Due to their high intelligence, it is important to firmly train them from the very start as heavy-handed techniques will make this dog willful and stubborn.

The German Shepherd has been associated with being aggressive watchdogs, but in reality, this is comes from training. This breed is, and will always be protective and territorial, and will always be cautious of strangers, but they are never naturally aggressive.


The German Shepherd exudes elegance and superior intelligence. They are athletic, inquisitive, powerful, reliable, and highly versatile. Aside from their spectacular appearance, they have extreme agility, endurance, and stamina.

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