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Training a German Shepherd comes with it’s own unique challenges that other breeds don’t give you. One of the most rewarding breeds of dog the German Shepherd dog tends to have a very distinctive personality that makes training it something that requires special attention.

Breed Profile

A few reasons why you will need specific advice on German Shepherd training

· A GSD (German Shepherd Dog) is one of the most energetic breeds of dog
· They require considerable mental as well as energetic stimulation
· A lot are very particular about what they eat
· They suffer from numerous health problems inherent in the breed (e.g. hip dysplasia)

German Shepherd Training

So what specifics do you need to consider when German Shepherd training?

Firstly you must remember just how energetic your dog is. They require a lot of rigorous exercise every day – and before they do they have trouble concentrating. So make sure that you exercise them before getting into any serious obedience training or they won’t concentrate as well.

The level of mental stimulation they need is also considerable, so don’t have just one training session a day. On top of that training session look to include training in everyday activities, like getting them to sit before crossing a road or eating.


Make sure you are also thinking about what their diet is when you are giving them food rewards. Because of the health issues associated with the breed it is best to give a German Shepherd a very healthy diet – to that end make sure the treats and rewards you give are healthy. GSD’s certainly do well with a lot of protein in their diet.

If one of the training methods that you are consider is obedience schools make sure they allow German Shepherds. A lot of schools don’t allow German Shepherds because of how they are with other canines. Some will require you to muzzle the dog, DON’T. Muzzling them will make training far harder.

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