How To Train Your Dog Properly

The relationship between the owner and the pet is usually very good. A dog is often considered a part of a family for even 20 years if it is well-cared and does not have any serious health problems. However, if you want a good relationship, you need to train your dog properly. This article will help you do that.


Dogs love to please their owners so plenty of positive reinforcement is essential when you are training them. What you want to teach them depends on what you plan to do with them. Some people want a family pet that they can love. This type of dog will need to be trained to stay off furniture, where to use the bathroom, and not to bark constantly. You may have to deal with issues such as chewing as well.


A person may want to train a dog to be a watchful eye on their home or business. This type of dog is trained to protect the area from strangers even though they are friendly to their owners. Watch dogs can be very mean though so you should never approach one in an attempt to be friendly. They are trained to display aggressive behaviors but most people will post a sign for you to know about the situation.


There are breeds of dogs trained for shows and others for hunting. A show dog needs to be able to perform the various tricks, be lead around, and not go chasing after other dogs. The behavior of a show dog is just as important as the look of it when it comes to the judging. Hunting with a dog wont be enjoyable if they aren’t well trained in what to look for and how to assist you.


There are books and websites to help you with dog training. You need to be very consistent in order for them to benefit from it. In the long run everyone is going to get more pleasure from the dog. You certainly don’t want a 60 pound dog trying to drag you along when you attempt to take it out for a walk. Train them early to listen to you and to walk along side you on a leash.


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