Hunting Dog Training – Developing Steady to Release – Step 2

Are you considering adopting and raising a Black Mouth Cur? Taking that you even know what it is, you’re going to have to learn more about its history, character, and the jobs that it was “meant” for. The Black Mouth Cur is one of the best hunting dog breeds on the face of the planet – they have skills that others don’t have, and similar ones that are of greater “refinement”. This pooch has been known for its neck-snapping speed, as well as its eye-popping agility. It can get through obstacles, such include trees, vines, etc., in the hunting environment it was placed in.

The build of it is ideal for that kind of scenario – athletic, strong and a flexible body weighing anywhere from 40 to 80 pounds and standing up to 28 inches. With that physical prowess and structure, it was no wonder that it was able to run after and kill medium to small sized critters with ease. But its abilities didn’t just limit itself to catching small game; it had a knack for the big ones. Be it a deer or a bear, the Black Mouth Cur could easily sneak up on it, catching it off guard. From there it would be able to alert the hunter of the prey it found, or if necessary keep it busy till the hunter arrived.

Killing animals, tracking them down, or holding them at bay was one of its many specialties. Aside from that, it made a good sheepdog – guarding herd, keeping them in order, and warding off predators was the standard operating procedure given to it by the farmers. That’s how the Black Mouth Cur is, and that should never be forgotten while raising one. With that in mind, having one as a family pet would be great. They are very protective and have the tendency to treat the family as its “herd”. Unwavering loyalty to the lucky owners of the pooch will be given without hesitation.

It’s also known for its kindness towards the people it loves, especially the ladies (it’s a fact). Black Mouth Curs also get along very well with the children of the family – they just love playing with them and keeping them under “surveillance”. But they don’t get along with other kinds of animals, such as raccoons and smaller animals. The other pets in town could also trigger its “hunting instinct”. Remember these are very proficient killers, having one in the town may lead to “mysterious disappearances” of other peoples pets. Giving it thorough canine behavioral lessons and “socialization classes” is very important if you don’t wanna be the owner of a serial killer.

Let it meet the other mammals and people around, preferably at an early age. Giving it nutritious dog food is also important – its best that you give it three meals a day, instead of one big one. This will help out with its digestion and avoid the rise of any “overfeeding” related disorders. Have it exercise often, like everyday to keep it in good shape. Most importantly, give it love and attention – don’t treat it as if it were a piece of property or whatever; treat it as if it were a member of the family.

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