Learn to Groom Dogs with a Dog Grooming Course and Start a New Career

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Anyone who has a dog knows that pet grooming is a multi-billion dollar a year industry. Now, thanks to Learn to Groom, dog lovers can learn to groom dogs at home and get started on a new career by starting a dog grooming business. Learn to Groom is currently offering a special $ 50 summer discount on their detailed course entitled All About Dog Grooming – the course is available now and can be purchased for the low price of $ 249.00 online at http://www.learntogroom.com.

Learn to Grooms founders, husband and wife, Richard and Carol Doggett established their dog grooming business in 1975. Since then their expertise has translated into the Learn to Groom educational tools. By logging on to the easy-to-use websites, prospective groomers can learn the ins and outs of dog grooming tools along with the unique opportunity to purchase a dog grooming DVD. The DVD expands on the process featured in Learn to Grooms manual. The visual step by step process will show that by learning these new skills anyone can create a business that will benefit themselves and their family.

The 8-Hour-long DVD set and training manual also features tips and tricks that go above and beyond the complexities of cutting hair and basic dog grooming. The program offers information on how to check a dog for a number of ailments and illnesses, parasite control, appropriate grooming tools as well as offering three different proven business start-up strategies for success in starting a dog grooming business. A toll-free number is also provided for one on one consultations. The dog groomer course is designed to be studied over the course of a few months, but home study students are invited to set their own schedule and pacing based on their needs and what makes them most comfortable.

To learn more about the company and their dog groomer training course, visit http://www.learntogroom.com

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