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No matter how much money is spent in getting hold of the highest possible species, the dog still needs proper training to guarantee a lifetime bond between the dog and its owner. At Alpha Paws, an establishment offering dog obedience training services, the most excellent dog training lessons are offered.

On January 2001, Alpha Paws was initiated by Peter Brown, a dog trainer for more than fifteen years. The establishment specializes in “Basic Obedience Training and Behavioral Problem Solving” for dogs of all breeds and ages. The training given puts emphasis on respect and manners including long-established obedience orders indispensable to owning a well-mannered dog.

Dog training does not only put emphasis on coaching the dog’s good behavior but it is also concerned with instituting an enduring relationship of reciprocated respect between the dog and its owner. The very first time an owner is able to let the dog obey a simple command such as sit is a very satisfying occasion. This would confirm a bond between the owner and the dog and this would be a starting point for future training.

But it is not good to wait for formal training to start. Most often, owners think that training a dog is a simple task. Teaching dog’s tricks does not qualify as obedience training. Establishing a long-standing relationship with the dog could be an overwhelming task especially if its novelty lessens and the risk for the dog to develop behavior problems would increase.

Sometimes owners equate cruelty as a way to let dogs obey them. This would only present more behavior problems that might be hard to control in the future. Keep in mind that not all breeds of dogs are the same. There are some breeds that are known to have a bad behavior; but even within a certain breed, different dog personalities still exist, just like human beings.

Remember that all dogs, young or old, can be trained with appropriate behavior and obedience training. At Alpha Paws, they have the right training solution for dogs. All their programs would include exclusive individual sessions between the dog and a certified dog training expert. This will ensure that the trainer will understand the current behavior of the dog and could map out the best approach for the dog’s training.

It is advised that the training sessions should start when the dog is still young. This would prevent frustrating the dog and its owner. Aside from that, early trainings would help develop a bond between owner and dog at an early stage. Obedience training is crucial in nurturing a strong owner-dog relationship and creating a pet compatible with society. In a more realistic sense, dogs that are obedience-trained have more comfortable lives and are easier to settle with than their untrained counterparts. Dogs are amazing pets and really know how to bring pleasure to the owner. That is why owners should always be responsible.

Alpha Paws services are not limited to dog obedience training only. Dog nutrition is also taught and it focuses on the nutrition of a specific breed and the home environment of the dog. The holistic service would only mean an excellent result – a healthy and obedient dog with a long-lasting relationship with its owner.

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