Miami Dog Whisperer Dog training Tip: How to walk your dog properly

Dogs are good companion. They are very lovable and easy to be with especially if you are alone. They will take care of you and you somehow feel safe with them. Plenty of people decide to have dog as a companion. Some decide to buy puppies because they are cuter compared to older dogs. Others decide to have older dogs because they are more mature and behave. However, there is an issue in having older dogs. Older dogs are harder to trained especially housebreaking. This might be true, but it is still possible to housebreak training older dog.

Below are easy tips on training older dog:

Tip 1: Assign a specific place in your house on where the dog can do his business. You may choose a corner or spot in your backyard. This place has the smell that can stimulate the dog to eliminate.

Tip 2: Observe your dog for any signs of urge to eliminate such as pacing ang scratching door or head. Whenever you see these signs, immediately bring the dog outside.

Tip 3: When you witness the dog at the act of incidence, simply say a firm no then bring the dog outside. Never physically punish the dog as it may lead to confusion. When the dog is confused, he night never follow your orders.

Tip 4: Decide a phrase such as Out or Do your Business Outside. These phrases will serve as a command for the dog to follow. As he hears this phrase, he will go out and eliminate there.

Tip 5: Decide a time of the day when you bring him outside. You must be consistent on the time of the day you will walk your dog. You may bring him outside as you wake up in the morning, after breakfast or after dinner. If you do not have the time, you may assign a person to do this.

Tip 6: It is in the natures of the dog no to soil their crate. They do not also eliminate as they sleep. So crate your dog more often but remember to maintain a schedule when you will bring him outside.

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