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You should know the dog training techniques well before sending your puppy to the training centre. There are many solutions for dog training nowadays and every offer might be different in terms of price and the training criteria.

The first type of dog training is known as dog preschool. This type of dog training course is designed for any dogs that are 5 weeks to 4 months old. This dog preschool class is commonly last no longer than 8 weeks. In this training session, your dog will be taught on how to communicate with human and as well as other dogs. They will be also taught to sit, lay and listen to simple command.

The second type of dog training course is designed for the dogs that are at least 6 months old. This training is essential for the dog that has gone through the preschool training. The training session is normally held for not more than 10 weeks. This is the basic training as the dog will be trained to run and take more complicated command.

After the dog has successfully gone through the basic training course, the next training they should take is the intermediate course. This course is about the same as the basic course but your dog will be trained with more detail agenda. They will be trained to stay for a longer time and take more complicated hand commands. This stage of training normally takes you about 10 weeks and should only taken by a dog with at least 8 months old.

The last stage of dog training is known as the advanced dog training course and it should take you not more than 8 weeks to complete. Again, your dog will be trained similar to the intermediate course with more detail agenda. This course should be taken after the intermediate course is completed and the agenda is much tougher than the previous course.

Keep this guide in mind and always evaluate on which course is suitable for your dog. You should also seek for the opinion from the professional dog trainer to get more information if you are not able to make up your mind.

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