Popular Dog Training Activities

There are a lot of things that need to take place when you get a new dog for you and your family. One of the important things that many families do when they get there new pet home is perform some popular dog training activities.  Here are some of the popular dog training activities that one might consider performing.

Potty Training

Dog training is very important because it is needed to help dogs learn to be obedience, and to also learn to be well mannered when it comes to going to the bathroom.  One of the first things that many people attempt to train theirs pet’s to do is go outside to do their thing. This is crucial if you plan on letting your dog live inside all of the time because you don’t want to have to constantly clean up your pet’s messes.

Obedience and Command Training

Other training activities that many new owners try to perform when they get a new dog are activities that will help their dog learn to be more obedient.  Simple commands are taught to dogs to help them learn to perform certain activities or avoid certain activities.  The “Sit”, “Stay”, and “Come” commands are all very popular dog commands that many try to teach to their pets.  Some of the other commands that owners try to teach their dogs are “heel” and “fetch”.  These commands are especially important for hunters because a lot of time they want their dogs to retrieve game or remain by their side so as not to scare any game away.

Sport Training

Many dog owners try to train their dogs so that they can perform in certain sporting events so they make train their dogs to perform in areas such as long jumping, agility contests, and more.  These types of programs require an extensive amount of work and sometimes are limited to certain dog breeds.

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