Protection Dogs

Before you got to buy a protection dog you must first decide if you want one for personal protection or home protection?  There is several different breeds of dog for protection.

Some breeds of dogs offer both home and personal protection.  A dog can be a very important asset to your home, it can provide you security if someone comes to your home by barking and letting you know a stranger is around, when you are gone your dog bark could very well scare off a burglar. 

Don’t rush out to buy you a dog first there are several things you should consider;

Buying a dog should me a lifetime commitment you need to consider most dog life expectancy is nine to fifteen years.  Dogs require training and training means time and patience’s.

You need to be able to offer your dog a place to sleep this should be warm and cozy, proper nutritional balanced meals, regular exercising and proper hygiene. 

You must consider first of all the reason why you are purchasing the dog.  Need to research the breed you are considering and fully understand the protection this dog will offer.  For example, is the dog meant to offer companionship, security, or just keep the kids occupied?  Do go out to rush to buy a protection dog think through the reason you want one and make sure you have done full research on them.

Another factor to think about when considering a protection dog is the expense of purchasing the dog.  Is your budget within the limits to offer the dog vaccinations, spaying, and routine veterinary care? Dogs as with humans will become sick and will require treatment; dogs will require flea and tick treatment as well as other parasites.  Keep in mind that your dog could get injured and require medical attention.

Dog will want to be part of your family and will require a lot of your time.  You will have to have a place to keep the dog.  You need to make sure that there is adequate space in the place where you intend to keep the dog.  If all these things have been considered and met then go ahead and purchase your protection dog.


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