San Luis Obispo Dog Trainer Offers Complimentary Evaluations And First Lesson For Canines

Ashley Starling of Canine Tutors in San Luis Obispo County

When it comes time to search for the best dog obedience training in San Luis Obispo, the choices can sometimes be overwhelming for a dog owner. Thanks to an exclusive offer by Ashley Starling, owner of Canine Tutors Dog Training, residents looking for a San Luis Obispo dog trainer now have the opportunity to take advantage of a free evaluation and consultation before making a decision to enroll in classes. In addition, Starling extends an invitation to enjoy the very first dog obedience training lesson at no cost to the pet owner.

Many dog owners wonder how they can get their untrained dog to interact in the real world. I find by making this free offer, dog owners are able to see for themselves what is possible, says Starling. I can train any dog, but for most people they just have to see it to believe it.

Starling uses advanced training techniques and presents them in a simple fashion for the average dog owner to understand and utilize. Canine Tutors Dog Training specializes in getting dog off leash and under control even when experiencing severe distractions all while helping the dog maintain a happy and positive demeanor. In fact, Starling and his fellow trainers at Canine Tutors have long been considered San Luis Obispos off-leash specialists.

I have a no-conflict policy, says Starling. I never argue with the dog; I give them the tools they need in order to live with people. I work from the wow factor I keep their spirits up high and I keep them super motivated.

With years of experience in the industry, Canine Tutors Dog Training has been helping dog owners throughout San Luis Obispo County handle their pets most frustrating and challenging behavior issues with guaranteed results. Taking methods learned from dog trainers such as Bart Bellon, Ivan Balanov, Michael Ellis and Ed Frawley, Starling and his friendly, patient, and skilled team of dog trainers use positive, innovative techniques to deliver commands in a clear, concise manner. From getting a dog to come when called, sit and lay down to helping dogs break habits such as dashing out the door and jumping on guests and family members, Starling and his professional crew have provided guidance to hundreds of dog owners.

Summer in San Luis Obispo County means spending more time outside with one lesson from Canine Tutors Dog Training, owners will learn how the possibility of taking a leisurely, stress-free walk on the beach or hike along local trails with their dog can become a reality. Just in time for the summer months, Canine Tutors Dog Training is offering some warm weather tips for dog owners:

Dogs should not be shaved during the hot summer months; fur helps to protect dogs from the heat and provides insulation. Instead, opt for a good grooming session. Purchase an inexpensive hard plastic kiddy pool for dogs to splash around in. Be sure to place large containers of water within dogs reach & take extra water along when traveling or venturing outdoors. Use training tips several times daily for short periods of time 3-5 minutes at a time for a total of around 15 minutes is ideal. Keep in mind that a dogs energy level drops when temperatures reach about 70 degrees dont be alarmed if your dog is not as active during warmer weather.

For more information on private training and upcoming seminars and to take advantage of a complimentary first lesson, call Ashley Starling of Canine Tutors Dog Training at (805) 400-8309 or submit an online contact form at See Canine Tutors Dog Training on Google+.

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