Small Dog Training Q & A – Questions Answered About Small Dog Training That Will Make You Successful

Small dog training is like other regular dog training. It isn’t true that training a smaller dog is more challenging than training a large dog. Here are a few questions about training smaller type dogs and some expert answers.

Why is it so hard to potty train my small dog?

The reason why most people find training a little dog hard is because of their natural reactions to them. They tend to carry around a little dog and this is the root of why they are hard to potty train. When you carry your small sized dog to the place where they should take care of their toilet business and then carry them back to your place, you are essentially not teaching them anything. When you carry them around too much, smaller type dogs have no way to warn their owners that they have to relieve themselves outside. Training these little dogs starts when you recognize that they are just like any other large-sized or medium-sized dog. You have to keep them on a leash and let them go to their special place where they should relieve themselves. Do not carry them and you’ll be successful in small dog training.

What kind of method is the best in small dog training?

Any kind of obedience training is suitable for smaller type dog training, but clicker training works more effectively for smaller dogs. Clicker training is a more gentle approach to small dog training. In clicker training, you can make the dog respond positively to a series of clicks. In clicker training, you allow the dog to associate the clicks to treats. You click and give a treat and do this until the dog responds well to clicks. Then, you can break down the skills you want your dog to learn. When the dog does something towards good behavior, you click and give a treat. It’s as easy as that.

Training dogs of a smaller size can be a very rewarding experience if you approach it well. Smaller or little dogs are a joy to train and learning about the basics of small dog training can increase the pleasure of having a small dog within your own home.

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