The Ideal Tricks To Coach The Dog

Teaching your dog tricks can be a great deal of fun. It can also help to make them smarter, and for you to have more control over your pets. There are some basic commands that should be taught in order to get your dog to do the things you need him to. Below are the best tricks to teach your dog.

Sit is probably the easiest trick to teach your dog. Most dogs who only know a handful of tricks know how to sit. If your dog understands this command, it shows that you are the dominant one between the two of you. Sitting can help you to introduce your dog to another person or animal without your pet getting too excited and unruly.

Down is another popular trick that many dogs learn. This is the word used to get your dog to lie down. Perhaps your dog is tired but is too busy running around to realize it. Having this command allows you to be in control and gets your pet to rest.

Stay is a beneficial trick for all pets to know. It is effective in the event that you need to step away from your dog for a moment. Getting something done without your dog at your heels helps you to complete the task and resume playing with your dog. This command tends to follow the sit trick, so that you can have your dog remain in that position until you say otherwise.

Heel is a trick that may take some time to teach dogs. It is very beneficial once your pet knows what the word means. Heel refers to your dog walking right beside you, and not pulling on the leash in order to get ahead. This is effective for walking your dog in the park or down the street. . This command tends to follow the sit trick, so that you can have your dog remain in that position until you say otherwise.

Fetch is a fun trick for your dog to learn, for both you and your pet. Tossing an item for the dog to retrieve allows the two of you to bond. It will also provide exercise for the dog. This can be used as more than a game if you can teach your pooch to fetch the newspaper or your slippers.

Shake is a social trick that makes others feel welcome in the presence of the dog. Many people shake hands upon seeing each other. Having your dog shake a friend’s hand is a gentlemanly gesture. It is also a fun trick to watch.

Play dead is one of the oldest tricks to teach a dog. It can be a difficult one though. Patience is needed to teach this command. It generally follows sit and stay, which is probably one reason it is so difficult. It requires attention and knowledge from the dog in order to follow all three commands.

As you can see, there are quite a few tricks that you can teach your dog. The best ones have been mentioned here. They are also the basic commands that almost any dog can learn relatively easy. The more tricks that your pet acquires, the smarter he will appear to those that watch the tricks being performed.

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