Why Its Buyer Beware in Pet Care

This past week in Arizona, seventeen dogs were killed at a kennel from heat distress after one dog chewed through dry wall and the electrical cord to the air conditioner. But is this really a freak accident that could not have been prevented as claimed by the business owner? The Dog Gurus, Robin Bennett and Susan Briggs will tell you this type of incident is a known risk. Professional pet care facilities invest in materials designed to safely house dogs and follow pet care safety protocols to avoid these kinds of incidents.

Understanding the environment where you leave your dog is key to safety, but you also must realize that a dogs behavior in an unfamiliar environment may differ from their behavior at home, stated Bennett. Professional pet care providers first ensure the safety of the physical environment, but more importantly train staff to observe dog behavior for signs of stress. Chewing is normally a result of stress and boredom. Extra safety precautions should be available for dogs who are anxious when they are left in a boarding facility.

So how do you recognize a safe environment and professional pet care center? Tour the facility prior to making your reservation and confirm that all areas that house dogs are constructed with dog management and safety in mind. Drywall is not an acceptable material when providing professional pet care. Those facilities that have drywall, which is common in homes, usually use material to safely cover the walls to prevent damage and injury or the dogs are property supervised to prevent chewing incidents. Electrical cords, plants and other items that can be chewed or ingested should not be accessible to dogs when left alone. Most importantly, professional pet care providers understand canine body language and behavior. They monitor all pets for signs of stress and take steps to alleviate the cause of stress so that they can keep your dog safe and healthy.

Bennett and Briggs wrote an article on Identifying Great Pet Care Centers and are in the process of creating a directory of pet care professionals that offer off-leash play services to assist the public in making good pet care choices. It is heartbreaking to hear of tragedies in professional pet care, states Bennett. Briggs added, When this type of situation happens, it is frustrating as we know it could have been prevented if the public understood what to look for in selecting quality pet care. We created our website with that goal in mind. Our directory will include members of The Dog Gurus community that are invested in ongoing education and providing excellence in pet care services they provide.

Before you make a reservation for your dog online, be sure to visit the pet center and see for yourself the environment where your dog will be kept. These types of accidents are avoidable! A home environment may seem like a happier place for your dog, but safety protocols must be your first priority in pet care selection. If you are using a home-based provider, be sure they are following those safety protocols and are a reputable, licensed business. To your dog having a professional that understands their emotions and offers activities they enjoy will make them happy. Members of The Dog Guru community provide safe and fun pet care every day.

About The Dog Gurus: Co-creators Robin Bennett and Susan Briggs have over 30 years experience as operators and consultants in the dog daycare and boarding industry. Their staff training program, Knowing Dogs, has quickly become the best off-leash dog play training program available and is based on their best selling book: Off-Leash Dog Play: A Complete Guide to Safety and Fun. They continue to create resources for the professional pet care industry with the goal of keeping all dogs safe. For more information, visit their website: http://www.TheDogGurus.com or join their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/TheDogGurus. Susan and Robin are available for interview at the following numbers: Susan (713) 582-8520 or Robin (571) 336-2078.

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