YogaFit Releases DVD That Gets Owners and Pets in Shape

Today, Beth Shaw’s YogaFit Training Systems Worldwide, the largest yoga school in North America, is proud to announce the release of the FURociously Fit DVD and CD line. Understanding the important relationship between pets and their owners, Shaw carefully designed FURociously Fit to teach both humans and animals the 20/30/40 walking and yoga program.

Shaw believes the strong bond an owner develops with their pet is a special type of friendship. With dogs specifically, a person receives unconditional love and friendship that rewards not only their soul, but the people around us as well. Bringing a dog along to exercise is something good for everyone. Getting in shape together with a pet decreases health risks and increase the chance of living happy, longer lives. Whether one is out walking a dog or volunteer to walk another dog, the social connections alone are great reasons to get out and walk.

The FURociously Fit 20/30/40 DVD and CD offers stretching before and after a walk, core work and upper body work to stay balanced, as well as a relaxation segment. Whether one walks a dog or not, this unique program help them get in shape, lose weight, and keep it off!

The 20/30/40 system refers to a 20-minute walk in the morning, 30 minutes at noon and 40 minutes in the evening for the best dog health. Also included in the DVD is the segment Dog Health Tips with Dr. Alice Villalobos, a well-known pioneer in the field of cancer care for companion animals and a founding member of the Veterinary Cancer Society.

Give this video as a gift to a friend or a dog! Get FURociously Fit with this package. Act now, for August they are 50 % off. Purchase the DVD here:

And dont forget to get the CD, which perfectly complements the DVD program:

The new DVD is exclusively distributed by YogaFit and is available through the YogaFit store. For further information visit or connect at or on Twitter @YogaFitTraining.


YogaFit Training Systems Worldwide was established in 1994 and has since trained more than 250,000 yoga and fitness professionals worldwide. The leader in mind body fitness education, YogaFit is the largest training school for yoga instructors in North America with further expansion ongoing internationally. YogaFit is the American Council on Exercises (ACE) premier and only yoga partner. Founder and President Beth Shaw is internationally recognized as the foremost authority on yoga and fitness and has been profiled in print publications and television programs including Oprahs O Magazine, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, The New York Times, USA Today, Entrepreneur, SELF and is currently a New Business Group Member of the New York Times. YogaFit is committed to community service as well as supporting animals and humanitarian causes.

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