Chihuahua Potty Training – Easy Methods

Potty training a Chihuahua isn’t that hard as with other dog breeds. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that they do not respond to the negative attitude and harsh discipline. Positive reinforcement is the key for the successful Chihuahua potty training. And also, you have to start the training as soon as your dog is in the home for the first time. Some of the tips are given to make sure that the potty training is smoothly running.

1. Use crate: Dogs have an instinct that they do not go for potty in the place where they sleep. While they are inside the crate and you are out of the home or at night, they usually don’t have an accident. But remember to take them out when you return back or at the morning. Give them a treat as they finished with bathroom as showing them they are doing it rightly.

2. Be consistent with the time: Taking them out is the first thing to do in the morning, after the meal and before the bed time, and it is the best principle to apply. Doing this will make sure that they are more likely to prevent accidents and keep their bodies in routine.

3. Positive reinforcement: Chihuahua doesn’t respond to the negative attitude like yelling and shouting. They will not learn properly and won’t get you if you become mad and you lose temper. Instead they will respond wisely to positive reinforcement as well as to treats every time. They will learn more quickly and the possibility of accident will be less.

4. Never rub their nose in it: As the old school training prefers to rub the dog’s nose in it as accident occurs inside the house. But, this might not be the proper idea for Chihuahua potty training. It is usual that accidents do happen, so it is better to take them out as soon as it is about to happen. This will make sure that they shouldn’t do it in the house; instead they must go out for it.

5. Never let them be sneaky: Little puppies are able to hide and can go to the corner and you can’t even realize that they are doing there. You have to track them all time until and unless they are house broken completely. It is hard to stop them from doing potty inside the house than not letting them to do it.

It could be hard for both the owner and the dog for successful potty training, but only it requires is a bit of patience for the task done. The house breaking should be done properly and get the dog nicely trained if you want Chihuahua as a pet. You must be willing to put all the efforts and time that it will need for the successful potty training.

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