Clicker – A Great Dog Training Aid For Dogs and Owners

Come to think of it, training a God is not just converting your dog to simple following your instructions and commands. When you start training your dog for obedience and anti aggressive behavior you actually increase your interaction with your pet. In the course of training, your dog learns a few tricks, but at the same time you also get to learn a lot about your four legged companion.

There are numerous ways and means to train a dog, but one of the most effective dog training aids is an electronic clicker The essence of clicker training is that the dog is guided, not forced, into the desired behavior.

The clicker works on the principles of conditioning behavior and association of actions with sounds as experimented by Ivan Pavlov (a Russian Behavioral expert) long ago. He researched and established a relation between sounds and sight. He determined that even in the absence of the actual situation we can condition an intelligent animal such as a dog to react for a situation on hearing a sound even in the absence of the actual situation and associating sounds with events and required actions.

Pavlov had trained conditioned his dog for associating the sound of a bell with food and the dogs even started producing additional saliva when the bell rang and food was not provided as they had over a period of time associated the sound with food.

In the similar way you can train your dogs to act and behave in a required manner to the sound of a clicker. It takes a lot of patience, but is entirely non-confrontational. If you learn and understand clicker training you will not only be more effective in training dogs, but you will probably also improve your people handling skills.

Clicker in my opinion is one of the greatest dog training aids developed till now and suitable for dogs of all sizes and breeds.

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