Crate Training For Your Dog

You need to be aware that it takes a period of time for your dog to love the crate particularly when they have a negative relation to it. The first thing you should remember is to be patient and to understand that they do not like the crate, and they need time to overcome it.


Start by feeding your dog every meal in the crate. Put the food bowl in the back. Your dog now has to go to the back to eat breakfast and dinner. If this is too stressful you may have to put the food in the front of the crate. As your dog starts to get comfortable, you can gradually move it further and further into the crate.


Anytime you give a treat, toss the treat into the crate. Try to get her to go in the back to get the treat. Again if this is too stressful put the treat in the front and gradually move it further and further into the back. Do not shut the door when your dog goes inside. At this point we are just working on getting your dog to go into it.


When ever you give a new toy toss the toy into the rear. Always try to get him to go in for the toy.


As your she starts to become comfortable with the crate you can start to close the door, but don’t latch it, while she is eating. It’s important that you do not latch the door and that if your dog pushes it the door opens.


Over time as your pup becomes comfortable being in the crate with the door shut you can start to latch the door. At first latching the doors should only be for a few seconds to a minute. Again getting your dog to love it is a gradual process that will take a little time.


When you let your dog out, you can make a big deal about it. Praise, play, and tell her what a good girl she is, etc. This way when your dog comes out your dog will be happy.


When you have to put your dog in the crate don’t make a big deal over it or fuss. It’s important that you act very matter-of-fact as you put your puppy into the crate. If you start to become emotional it will stress your her out.


The only way to get your dog to love the crate is by associating it as a fun and positive place to be this can be done by pairing it with anything that your dog likes. I once worked with a canine that loved a plastic watering can. We use this as a reward in you can do the same thing with anything that your dog loves. Good luck!


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