DoggyDan Podcast – Episode #01 : Bringing a Baby Home Dog Training

DoggyDan Podcast – Episode #01 : Bringing a Baby Home Dog Training Please Subcribe me at : Episode Info Podcast Show No.1 is available now. This blog post is really to give you an idea of what to expect in my free podcast. I have outlined what it contains below, and if you are not bringing a new baby into the home, then dont worry there will be lots more free podcasts coming along very soon. Thats right, these podcasts are free, packed full of great information and will be covering off everything from getting your dog to come when called, stopping dog aggression, puppy training and helping dogs with separation anxiety. I love dogs, just like you, and this is my way of giving back. This first show is about something that many of you (and a number of parenting organizations) have requested information about. Bringing home a new baby is a wonderful experience although it can also be a stressful and testing time as you juggle to make everything flow smoothly for everyone in the family. This podcast provides you firstly with some solid advice in key areas to help you make the initial transition of a baby coming into the home a simple and relaxing experience. Then we look at how to ensure that long term your family unit includes your dog rather than pushing them away. Here are some of the things Ive covered off How to introduce your baby to your dog Some simple pieces of advice to ensure your babies safety, Why taking your dog for a walk beforehand can make all the difference Understanding how you create the energy of the room Safety of babies around dogs Two of the most common reasons a dog will snap Why babies, food and dogs can be a dangerous combination Space invading toddlers and the importance of a doggy safe place Establishing rules Establish rules and boundaries for both your children and your dogs A few simple rules that will have a profound effect on your dog How you can use your pram or baby buggy to get your dog to heel 🙂 Helping to establish a bond between your baby and dog How feeding time for your baby can become a time for you to relax with your dog The importance of staying calm when your baby is screaming Training your dog how to behave around a baby mat or blanket If you enjoy the podcast please point your friends, baby organizations and parenting classes this way there are a lot of doggy-baby relationships that could benefit with some of this help. There’s also more on the blog about this topic: Managing your dog with a new baby at home. Listen now I do hope you to listen to this podcast, either

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