Dream Come True K9, LLC Opens New Dog Rehabilitation Center in New York City

Dream Come True K9, LLC (DCTK9), one of the nations leading dog training, rehabilitation and walking services since 2010, has opened a new training center in New York City. DCTK9 has been providing assistance to dog owners ranging from everyday struggles to severe dog behavioral challenges by offering the knowledge and support for long lasting results.

The two-floor space serves as a training area and a boarding area for the dogs to learn proper socialization and co-existing skills for the real world. Since 2010, I have been providing my clients with our services by making house calls, traveling and using my home for stay in clients. Now that the center has officially opened, I will continue to travel, but will be able to help more dogs in need and offer additional classes with the extra room the new facility offers, says DCTK9s Founder and CEO, Blake Rodriguez.

The dog training center is open Monday through Sunday from 8am-8pm on 174 Attorney Street in Manhattans Lower East Side neighborhood. To find out more information about DCTK9s dog training programs or dog walking services, visit http://www.dctk9.com or call 917-709-4087.

About Dream Come True K9 Since 2010, DCTK9 has offered dog behavior training, conditioning, rehabilitation, and walking services nationwide. Our overall goal is to create a genuine communication and understanding within the human dog relationship. To learn more about our dog training programs and walking services visit http://www.dctk9.com.

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