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Although we have heard so many times that training a dachshund is not a piece of cake, but not even impossible. As dachshunds are very intelligent dogs and are stubborn which is very difficult to train them easily. A lot of patience and consistency is needed for training a dachshund. So many dog owners complain about the bad behavior of their dachshunds; it is actually a big problem and it arises when they cannot pay full attention to their dachshunds. The shrewd and stubborn behavior of them always makes them to outfox their owners, but the owners should have to work out on this in order to avoid any mishap during training a dachshund.

In training a dachshund, it is comparatively easy to train the puppies. In early stages you can lead them as they are learning and picking things, and they learn what you want them to learn. Basically from a new born puppy till 12th month, it needs much love, deliberation and good food. In this stage these things should be taken care of. Make sure you keep your puppy out of unpleasant happenings, because they get scared and training will not affect them. However when they grow up they will be used to those situations but in early stages it is fearful for them. There are some stages through which they should be treated accordingly. From 3 to 4 weeks the session for training a dachshund puppy starts, during which it learns how to walk, he reacts to noises, starts to eat solid foods, playing with their mates and exploring things around them. This is when you have to keep you puppy away from sudden loud noises and leaving them alone at home, it’s scary for them. After fourth week till seventh the puppy start to go alone and wander everywhere, it’s a stage that learns how to do things without its mother and also starts weaning. Following this till 12 weeks, the puppy learns simple instructions like ‘come’, ‘go’, ‘sit’ and ‘no’ and etc. always talk in a very gentle tone, if it is doing something that shouldn’t do; just say “No!” do not shout or yell. Educate you puppy to get bedded properly at this time. From 12th week onwards, try to take them on walk, make them familiar with other people and animals.  And make sure you have started the serious training of dachshund, because at this age they feel the changes in their bodies and begin to adjust with those changes. You should act as a leader, giving more time for their sessions. And keep in mind to take hold of training your dachshund more seriously.

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