Should You Use Treats for American Bulldog Training

Most American Bulldogs are known for their courageous and protective traits as well as their sheer brute strength, however over time these dogs have proven to make wonderful family pets as well. Thus, contrary to popular belief, American Bulldog training may prove to be a much more rewarding experience than one would expect.

American Bulldog Training not only helps the overall development of your Bulldog; it also helps strengthen the bond between you and your dog as you go through the process. The important thing to keep in mind with American Bulldog training as it is with any other dog training method; it is always better to start as early as possible. In the case of American Bulldogs, whenever they begin training as puppies, you negate the possibility of them displaying possible destructive behavioral traits such as aggression, barking, and chewing.

However, before embarking on the American Bulldog training Process, it is crucial to be wary of some of your dog’s unique behavioral traits. First of all, due to their size, it is important that American Bulldogs have the space they need to freely move about. Since American Bulldogs are also very playful, just keep in mind that they may get a bit rough at times, just don’t take this as a sign of aggression. Just as a safety precaution, be wary of having small children around your Bulldog until it has gone through the whole American Bulldog training process. Lastly, since Bulldogs are quite protective of their owners, it is important to socialize them as early as possible so as not to be a threat to other people around you.

Having said that, one of your greatest aids in American Bulldog training would have to be positive reinforcement, which is done by rewarding your Bulldog with treats for displaying good behavior. The Humane Society of the United States is quoted in saying that when it comes to training your dog with treats and praise, “Just say yes!” Dogs don’t care about material things, all they care about is praise and of course food. So in that sense, with American Bulldog training, there’s no greater motivator for them than food, or dog treats.

In American Bulldog training with the use of treats, remember that timing is everything. Give the dog treat right after your Bulldog displays good behavior, don’t wait too long or you may hinder the dog from associating the treat with good behavior. Be consistent with using treats in the American Bulldog training process and never give in when your Bulldog chooses to take the easy way out just to get a treat. You are not here to spoil them but to use treats to teach them good behavior. American Bulldog training need not be a pain; all you need is patience and constancy with your method.

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